Authentic vs. Replica: The Acapulco Chair From Mexico

What’s the difference between authentic and replica Acapulco chairs? Founder and Acapulco chair aficionado Joris van Balkom explains.

The original chair made in Mexico is bigger than the replica, the length of an original chair is 106cm, ensuring a more comfortable seat with the support of the head. The replica has a shorter length of 94cm, which is not as loungey and does not offer head support. 

The flexible vinyl cords that the authentic chairs are woven from have a “memory”, which are soft and mold to your body ensuring a comfortable seat. They return immediately back to their original shape after use, whereas the replica’s cords loses it’s shape and comfort quite quickly. 

Furthermore, our chairs are ethically produced and handwoven in Mexico from phthalate-free PVC (which ensure less harm to the environment. Any Acapulco items we have in black are made from 70% recycled PVC.

It is our hope that by all of us buying better, and being mindful of quality and production of our home decor choices, we can all buy less. :)

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